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最近、そのプログラマー達がどういった技術を作るのか、どういったプログラマーなのかが、 ようやく分かりました。彼らの正体は暗号通貨やブロックチェーンに基づく技術に詳しいエンジニアだと分かりました。

もう既にご存知かも知れませんが、中本哲史という人物が生み出した “Bitcoin”(大文字のB)という名のプロトコルに基づいている”bitcoin”(小文字のb)は世界初の暗号通貨で現在は革命を起こしている最中です。


この素晴らしいプロトコルが初めて実装されたのは、信用不要で分散型で仮想通貨またはデジタル通貨であるビットコインですがその応用はビットコインに留まりません。 実際、信用不要で分散型のツイッターや信用不要で分散型のデータ保管サービスや信用不要で分散型の募金サービスなど、ビットコインを駆使している数々のサービスやアプリがリリースされたわけです。


Satoshi’s collar™(former name: CryptoHackers)

We announced last year (September 2013) a section called “Hackers of the Aquarius age”.

We thought about recruiting a new type of programmers who would be building the next revolutionary technologies and called them “Hackers of the Aquarius age” as a temporary name.

We recently found out precisely what kind of hackers they are and what technologies they will be building on. They will be the hackers that are knowledgeable about crypto-currencies and blockchain-based technology.

We call them CryptoHackers and we have just released today on our corporate web site a new service called “CryptoHackers” which focuses on the search for manpower (especially programmers) knowledgeable about crypto-currencies and the underlying block-chain based technology.

As you may know, the protocol “Bitcoin” (with a big B) invented by Satoshi on which is based bitcoin (with a small b), the first digital crypto-currency is revolutionizing our world.

Why? Because, it is the first time ever in the entire written history of Humanity that we have a tool to decentralize anything in a trustless fashion and decentralizing in a trustless fashion is precisely the next big thing in our evolution.

The first application of this wonderful paradigm is a decentralized, trustless, digital currency or virtual currency, called bitcoin, but the series of its applications won’t certainly stop there. As a matter of fact, we have already seen applications like a decentralized trustless Twitter or a decentralized trustless storage application or a decentralized trustless Kickstarter, for example.

PS: We have changed the name of the service from CryptoHackers to Satoshi’s collar™