Monthly Archives: March 2016

Engineers are not necessarily interested in a full time job…

I feel that there are more and more engineers that are not looking necessarily for a full time job.
More and more engineers are flexible regarding their employment contract.
As a recruiter, compared to last year, I see now a higher number of engineers who are more interested in a contractor contract or even a freelancer contract, instead of a full time employment contract.
Several reasons for that.
One being that some engineers want to be able to take part into several projects at the same time. For those, a freelancing contract is necessary.
Another being that some engineers get bored quickly and want to change their work environment regularly. For those, a 6-month contract is suitable.
Another being that some engineers want to have a better compensation. Full time employment involves social benefits that cost money for the company. Social benefits are not included into the package of a freelancer. Thus a freelancer can get a higher cash compensation, usually.
We, at Descartes Search, LLC, are dealing more and more with job opportunities whose work type is not “full time”.
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Besides the desire for more flexibility regarding the employment contract, I see more and more engineers that are looking to create their own startups instead of looking to get a job at an existing company.
For those engineers, I would recommend to get in touch with BunkerSofa, LLC, the sister company of Descartes Search, LLC.
Recently, BunkerSofa, LLC has pivoted to focus on supporting startups in Tokyo, helping them raise funding and recruit early stage members…