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Fellow Partner Julien invited as an Investor Judge at the Mobile | Venture Summit being held on May 17th 2017

Fellow Partner Julien Hamonic was invited to participate as an Investor Judge at the Mobile | Venture Summit being held on May 17th 2017 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

This was as a NuVentures fellow, subsidiary of BunkerSofa LLC which is the sister company of Descartes Search LLC.

Investor profile: here [focusing on Blockchain Startups and DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) ]

There have been more than 50 venture backed, emerging and early stage companies presenting as well as a great lineup of more than 80 VCs participating.

You can have a look at the full list of VCs here and the agenda here .


The Human Venture Capital™ Firm For Tokyo Emerging Startups

We have been working for more 1 year over a new recruiting model, here at Descartes Search and we have opened a new department using that model: The Human Venture Capital™.

Several VC-funded startups Tokyo (seed and series A) have already adopted this plan.

We are hyper-focused on building teams based in Tokyo.
We are the most connected firm to the technical foreign talent already here or actively looking to
relocate here.
The companies that rely on Descartes Search are defined as per the following:
* private equity and angel-backed
* new large market
* passionate leadership and vision from the founder
* positive cash flow driven
We know hiring is hard. We’ll make it much easier for you.
The best companies are driven by rock-solid teams.
Descartes Search LLC invests in their partners by obtaining equity (provided over a vesting
period) in exchange for service (continual search) rendered.
For every search we conduct a thorough analysis of an industry, and systematically identify
every qualified candidate in the marketplace. This process of sourcing generates a concentrated
list of candidates without regard to their interest in a career change.
We will work with you tirelessly to help construct your ultimate dream-team.
From engineers to co-founders up to advisors and CxO, and from writing job descriptions to
closing a hire, we’ve got your talent requirements covered. It’s all part of the deal.
Typically, we are your VP of talent in your company.
Talent Bank:
We have over 210k connections in our talent pool.
80% are foreigners living in Japan.
Descartes Search LLC is connected with an extensive network of startups, angels and venture
capital firms.

Contact Descartes Search here if you are interested in our Human Venture Capital™ (HVC™).