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NEST2017 – part 1


A few weeks ago, as a co-director of Descartes Search, LLC, I, Pascal Hideki Hamonic got the opportunity to attend NEST2017.

It was the second time for me to attend NEST, the first time being NEST2016.

As last year, it was a very fulfilling experience.

Below are mentioned some notes that I took during the first day.


Button Inc founder:

  • First mover advantage is not crucial

  • What is crucial is to be passionate about what you do

  • The competitors do not know what they are doing

  • The best way to be successful is to really solve a problem for the market and prove your model with customers, users and revenues

  • Good entrepreneurship is having a mission

  • About Japan:

    • Design

    • Innovation

    • Very high level services


Chat between Mikitani and Horowitz:

  • Recent AI breakthroughs: AI can compute efficiently very precise approximations

  • Autonomous driving: edge cases are tricky to handle

  • You don’t know why machine learning goes wrong: this is the real danger

  • Bushido spirit: keep death in mind all the time

  • You cannot be prepared for every scenario:  the role of the CEO is to make high quality quick decisions

  • Horowitz invests in people that have figured out something about the world

  • Evolution of technology: hardware —> software —> data (maths)

  • How to solve Japan’s aging population problem: immigration, making babies


Panel discussion between the Takashi Inoue, Son Masayoshi and Chikatomo Hada:

  • New concept: circular economy

  • Michelin: tyre as a service

  • Rice work, life work, like work

  • Mention of hydrogen-based energy system….


Drew Houston’s session:

  • Dropbox: 500m users

  • Cloud data storage products to help teams work together

  • Work about work: 60% of work is wasted

  • Dropbox paper: to work together remotely

  • Dropbox is great for sharing documents

  • the new admin:

  • He reads a lot

  • Even strengths can be weaknesses

  • Coaching is very a good industry

  • Constantly learn new skills, by giving up one’s own strengthens

  • AI is very good at doing the work for work


Kathy Matsui’s session:

  • In Japan interest rates and cost of capital are low

  • 2.8% unemployment rate

  • 43% more jobs than jobseekers

  • There is a need to raise wages—> That is why japanese inflation rate needs to go up

  • Japanese exports are 15 % of GDP, consumption is 50%

  • Make Japan more self sufficient with a bigger domestic economy

  • Japan needs more deregulation

  • Japanese economy is shrinking, there is no growth but Japan has a massive stash of savings

  • A need for new trade policies + structural reform policy

  • 2 duties of citizens:

    • vote

    • stay informed

  • There is a lot of competition for mindshare

  • Questions from the audience

  • WSJ’s business model is to make pay for subscriptions

  • Labor-intensive industries need the society to invest more in IT

  • Construction and nursing are examples of labor-intensive industries: Japan needs more immigration

  • 2020: tighter job market, higher interest rates