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We attended the New Context Conference 2016


I recently attended the New Context Conference 2016 organized by Digital Garage on July 5th and July 6th.

The official Web site is: http://ncc.garage.co.jp/en/

It was divided in 2 parts. The first day was about “Blockchain” and the second day about “AI”.

As you may already know, my company, Descartes Search, LLC, has 2 specific recruitment services dedicated specifically to “Blockchain” and “AI”.

The former is named Satoshi’s collar™, the latter Turing’s collar™ .

This was the first time for us to attend the conference but this year’s themes were, I have to say, perfectly matching our fields of expertise :)

I decided to attend only the second day but I had the opportunity to attend the dinner party on the first day.

My overall impression can be described as follows:

- the level of the talks was quite high

-a lot of people are intrigued by “blockchain” but even after attending the first day they have generally no idea about why they should adopt it over a standard database system

- AI is being deployed to many many industries so it is quite clear it is becoming the next platform as I mentioned here based on what Andy Rubin said at NEST 2016

- Some entrepreneurs believe that the technological singularity is near, some believe it is still very far away

In any case, each speaker’s talk was very interesting.


I would like to share with you the notes I took, as follows:


- Hiroaki Kitano, President & CEO, Director of Research, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

  • It is impossible to read every scientific paper that is released every day (there are 4100 papers published each day)


- Joshua Lachter, Vice President of Strategic Growth, ASAPP, Inc

  • Facebook has 7 trillions pics


- Kazutaka Yonekura, CEO, al+

  • One of the mission of our company is to create an AI that can fall in love


- Joi Ito on the differences between the US and Japan

  • Japan is very strong at creating cute AI agents that people can get attached to
  • the US is very strong at designing AI algos
  • The key is to find what context to feed into the computers in order to yield creativity
  • The future of AI is in the combination of what machines are good at with what Humans are good at


- Alex “Sandy” Pentland Professor, Director, MIT Media Lab Connection Science and Human Dynamics Labs

  • Hedge funds: Humans are still much better than AI
  • AI is good at optimization
  • Humans are good at managing other people
  • The future of AI is in networked intelligence


- Yuki Shimahara, Founder & CEO, LPixel Inc.

  • Between 2005 and 2012, the number of images used for medical examination has been multiplied by 1.7
  • Japan has the highest number of cancer images in the world
  • Organs are becoming industrial products
  • The 21st century will be the century of life science
  • The combination of AI and life science will yield a new health care industy


- Koichi Nakamura, Founder & CEO, Idein Inc.

  • Our company is about designing intelligent sensor devices using pattern recognition and active learning
  • We use low-end sensors and low-end embedded computers
  • Training requires more time than prediction
  • It is possible to do deep learning in embedded devices


- Panel discussion moderated by Hiroaki Kitano

  • Go Challenge (Google) is using deep learning, reinforcement learning and Monte Carlo
  • In the near future, the combination of active learning and deep learning will increase
  • In the near future, there will be an increase of the interaction between Humans and AI (ex: health care industry)
  • Japan can be the leader in the field of AI applied to the health care industry


- Ichiro Otobe, Director of Operation & Member of the Board, ZMP Inc.

  • “Robot of everything”
  • Our secret sauce is in the weightings
  • Our autonomous car driving on a normal country road is the first of its kind in the world


- Panel discussion whose moderator is Joi Ito

  • “Human in the loop”


- Takeshi Fukuda, Director IBM Research, IBM Japan

  • We are now in a cognitive era with the rise of cognitive computing and neuromorphic computing


- Motoaki Saito, CEO, PEZY Computing

  • “I would like to cause a pre-singularity”
  • Not so far away in the future, we will have energy and food for free. Also, we will have access to anti-aging technology and we will not need money any more
  • The next generation of AI tech is AI algorithms combined with super computers
  • We will have soon 1000 times more powerful AI than now, an AI that will be able to raise assumptions, verify assumptions and create concepts
  • We will create soon a super computer that has 100 peta flops
  • We will create soon a very powerful AI computing platform with a 1000 times more powerful AI engine and a 1000 times more powerful computing power


- Ryota Kanai, Founder & CEO, ARAYA Brain Imaging

  • Our goal is to create consciousness


- Panel discussion moderated by Joi Ito

  • “The world is going to be run by algorithms”
  • “Some countries are going to have different cultural problems regarding AI”
  • “Humans are very good at causing problems”




昨日(4/27)設立しました、「一般社団法人 日本ブロックチェーン協会(以下JBA)」に参画いたしました。




デカルトサーチ合同会社(Descartes Search, LLC)は、JBA設立の参画に伴い、JBAのブロックチェーン部門にて、ブロックチェーン産業に特化した人材紹介サービス、「サトシズカラー™」(Satoshi’s collar™)をご提供し、日本のブロックチェーン産業そして世界のブロックチェーン産業の発展を目指して参ります。




現在、ブロックチェーンは、安価で便利な決済・送金手段である仮想通貨ビットコインを支える基盤技術としてその重要性が急速に増大しています。今後、次世代の情報通信技術として、金融サービスや公共サービス等多方面での活用が展望され、その社会的インパクトはインターネットの登場にも比肩すると言われています。このような環境変化に対応するため、仮想通貨をはじめとするブロックチェーンを活用 したサービスを提供する事業者は、この度日本価値記録事業者協会を改組し、JBAを設立致しました。JBA はブロックチェーン技術が一層安心・安全な技術として、これからの日本経済の発展を支える仕組みの一つになり、日本経済の発展に貢献するよう活動してまいります。


英語表記:Japan Blockchain Association (略称JBA)
所在地:東京都港区赤坂3-5-5 ストロング赤坂ビル8階







・代表理事:加納 裕三(株式会社bitFlyer 代表取締役)
・理事:ジェシー・パウエル(Payward Japan株式会社(Kraken) 代表取締役)/仲津 正朗(株式会社Orb 共同創業者兼CEO)
・監事:和田 晃一良(レジュプレス株式会社(CoinCheck) 代表取締役)
・顧問弁護士:斎藤 創(創法律事務所)
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