NEST2017 – part 2


Below are mentioned some notes that I took during the second day following the first day.

Ride-sharing, car-sharing and autonomous cars related session:

  • 85% of cars are not used

  • Middle east GDP: 3 trillions USD

  • Getaround: rent your car to people

    • 6 billions unused cars everyday in the world

    • Their mission: solve the car overpopulation issue

    • San francisco: plenty of cars at every block

    • Smartphone: key to your car

    • Available in 12 cities

    • 3 problems:   hardware device, insurance, new behavior


    • The AI computing company

    • Tesla says a full self-driving car will show up very soon

    • Prediction: 150 millions autonomous cars by 2025

    • They are making cars that learn human driving behavior

    • There is a lack of AI engineers in Japan

  • Cabify and Careem

    • Different markets: different labor cost

    • 70% of taxi cost is driver salary: in the middle east it is only 20%

    • Dubai is quite advanced and quite eager: by 2025 Dubai wants to get to a point where 25% of cars are autonomous

  • Questions from the audience

    • What happens to the car industry when self-driving cars appear? → coexistence and retrofitting from non AI to AI


Koizumi Junichiro’s speech:

  • On nuclear power and nuclear waste processing and neutralization

  • “Genpatsu Zero!” (Zero nuclear plants!)

  • Now Japan has only 3 nuclear plants

  • Natural energy such as wind and solar provide more than 30% of the whole electricity consumption in Japan and nuclear energy is only below 2%

  • Over the past few years “Genpatsu Zero” has been proven right

  • 100% security is not possible

  • He really respects Ozaki Yukio


Yoshiki’s session:

  • Art of life

  • Life is ephemere: his father died suddenly where he was only a child

  • Any dream can come true if you set the corresponding goal

  • He learns English 5h per day

  • Cool japan: being Japanese has become cool

  • You do not ride the waves, you create them

  • You just need to remove the negative thoughts

  • There are songs creation patterns

  • AI cannot create recklessness


Tom Kelley’s session:

  • Design thinking

  • Empathy

  • Ideo

  • Start with the need

  • Treat life as an experiment

  • Do more experiments to be a successful entrepreneur

  • Leverage the power of storytelling, put it short:

    • Ex: Steve Jobs on the first ipod: a thousand songs in your pocket

Drones’ session:

  • Airmap

    • Airmap is making drones part of everyday life

    • Partnership with Rakuten (Rakuten Sora)

  • Rapyuta Robotics:

    • Accelerate the accessibility of drones for users

    • Create a drones data management platform

  • Yuneec: aviation technology

  • Geofencing, drone air traffic control

  • The Japanese government is actually very helpful in building regulations for drones

  • The sky is the limit: let us work together

  • Autonomous flying is the future

  • There will be  2 drone licenses: autonomic and non automatic drones respective licenses


AI panel:

  • Jay Bellissimo of IBM’s Watson

    • Data is doubled every 3 years

    • Unstructured data is massive

    • Leverage data to make decision

    • IBM: 300,000 employees in the world

    • The best tool for recruiting: to have a great mission

  • Yutaka Matsuo of Tokyo University

    • Deep learning

      • 5.2%: human error rate

      • 3.1%: machine erro rate

      • Deep learning + reinforcement learning

    • Machines Cambrian explosion

    • Japan is in a very good position because they are very good at building physical robots and machines

    • At the same time the population is shrinking: AI can play a crucial role to solve the problem

    • Deep learning is becoming a commodity

    • Life is different from intelligence. Intelligence is just a tool

    • Monozukuri has a lot of potential combined with deep learning. Japanese people should learn a lot about deep learning.

    • AI should be a great opportunity for Japan to regain traction after those lost 20 years

  • Masaya Mori of Rakuten Institute of Technology

    • Delivery drones with AI

    • Using AI to find hidden human needs and interesting correlations for marketing

    • Separation: collaboration between AI and humans: humans are great at creating new frameworks

    • The role of Humans is to create startups


Closing session:

  • Mikitani: transportation is undergoing an IT revolution: from ownership to services

  • Very soon around 30% of all houses will be vacant

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