Slush Tokyo 2017

slush tokyo 2017

We attended Slush Tokyo for the first time a few weeks ago.

This is was a very interesting experience.

We could get very valuable information about the Japanese startups scene in Tokyo.

Below is a digest ofsome notes taken during the event.

Allison Baum

Go global:

⁃ Because you will be able to access a bigger market
⁃ Because you will be able to optimize your operations


The 3 most important things when you do a startup:

⁃ Disrupting
⁃ The team
⁃ The vision

Carlos Ghosn

⁃ Diversity is a strength but it is difficult
⁃ Innovation is when you face adversity
⁃ Globalization is not going to stop
⁃ There is sometimes correction in big trends
⁃ The performance of the ceo should be measured in terms of the company’s revenues and profits
⁃ Look at the long term
- You want to innovate: propose an idea that nobody wants to listen to

Rapyuta Robotics

- You have to look at the market and the scalability of your technology
- 2 elements in order to be able to raise money:
- To have a very clear vision
- To have a great team
- They have a global team
- English is their main language

Karoli Hindriks of Jobbatical

- Bringing diversity inside the company helps grow the company
- Diversity is what makes Silicon Valley great

Taizo Son
- “IPOs are so 2015″

Maya Rogers’s panel discussion:

- If you want to grow your startup you need to focus on a problem and solve it but do not attract negative problems
- You need to be a doer (Execute)

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