We are proud to announce that on 29th of December 2017, we released our new service, Starsgate.

The url is  .

Starsgate is a Web service dedicated to helping highly qualified foreign jobseekers find a high class job in Japan, at a company located in Japan, within a highly innovative industry, such as but not limited to:  Blockchain, AI, IoT, Space tech, Web tech, FinTech, Biotech, New energy, Hemp industries .

In one sentence, Starsgate is your gate to find a star job in Japan, within a high tech industry.

We named the service after the concept of “stargate” which is a kind of portal you use to teleport yourself from one location to another location in the galaxy, instantly.

Similarly, we would like Starsgate to be that kind of service that is very easy to use, enabling you to find very quickly a very interesting job in Japan, as if you were teleporting from a foreign country to Japan. Also, the concept of “stargate” points to a highly advanced technology and we wanted to support the various technologies that we think are going to propel Humanity into a new Renaissance in 2018.

Please register at if you are looking for a high class job in Japan or if you are looking to hire highly skilled manpower from Japan.

For jobseekers the service is totally free of charge.

For employers, the service will be free during the free campaign period that will last at least 4 weeks from the date of release, which is 29DEC17.

As a company located out of Japan, looking to hire talented foreign or international jobseekers, doing business within a highly innovative field in Japan, if you need more information about our service, please check .

For more information about Starsgate in general, please check our FAQ page: .

We really look forward to supporting you, starting from 2018!


PS: Right now, since we have just started, the number of registered companies and job openings is low but we are working hard to increase that number drastically and rapidly to serve a rapidly growing market.

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